With experience of autocue, green screen, improvisational work, co-presenting and on-street interviewing, my involvement in the field of presenting has been vast.  Having undergone training at London's Pinewood Studios, I enjoy fusing professionally recognised techniques with my own personal twists; delivering natural and characterful performances.

In 2015 I worked on a home improvement production called 'Renovation Challenge' as a co-presenter for Property TV.  That same year I guest-hosted a radio phone-in show for Hertfordshire on the topic of Online Dating.  In 2014 I co-hosted 'The Lounge', a magazine show for regional TV platform TV Bedfordshire.  With features on health, music, 'challenge the chef', poetry and even lingerie, this exciting opportunity enabled me to bring my presenting talent to a range of in-studio scenarios, and strengthened my ability to improvise and 'bounce off' of a co-host.   I have presenting experience in the field of vox pops street interviewing and even 'infomercials', with the JML Shopping Channel.  I am also fully trained by rival shopping channel Ideal World, as a Guest Presenter.

In 2013 I tried my hand at presenting the BBC weather, on location with BBC South Today, and in the same year presented a documentary on aviation for TV Peru, entitled 'Let's Fly'.  I also have lots of tech-based presenting experience, having worked on the 'Accessory Showcase' for Westcoast - a leading software distributor.

I regularly update my YouTube page with snippets of my own productions, many of which involve eating, drinking and cooking; this has fuelled my growing Twitter following.  I am very interested in presenting food-related pieces, and as a professional food writer of ten years have a huge passion for all things culinary!