I am well-established in all presenting styles and techniques.  I have years of autocue experience and have presented in all manner of environments, ranging from green screen studios to Ďvox popsí street interviewing.  I have worked as both a fully scripted and entirely adlib presenter, co-presented, product demonstrated and even presented whilst driving cars and industrial machinery.

The kinds of formats that Iíve presented on span from fully commercial right through to entertainment. I have hosted magazine shows on regional TV channels, property TV pilot shows and on the commercial side presented safety DVDs and training films.  I have also guest presented on shopping channels, been heavily involved in product demonstration and am currently working on an entertainment format as a dating expert!

The brands that I have presented for include TV Bedfordshire, P1 Powerboats Grand Prix of the Sea, Property TV, West Coast, Betsy Paint Mate, Space Systems and The Health and Safety Group.  I also have experience as a guest radio presenter and worked for the Watford station Vibe 105 for a while on the phone-in topic of dating.