Reality TV

Aside from acting, presenting and commercial modelling I have also featured in a number of reality TV formats.  Whilst mainly extra-curricular and just for fun, there is a certain element of my professional work that blends into this kind of TV format.  In a world where all things ‘reality’ and social media bombard our screens I feel that it is important to keep up with all kinds of programming to stay on form as an industry all-rounder.

In 2012, and for my first on-camera appearance, I was delighted to appear as a contestant on the hit ITV cooking and dating show, Dinner Date.  This gave me lots of confidence for cooking roles that would follow in my presenting work, and was a great insight into how TV is made for someone starting out, as I was back then.  I have also appeared on a number of other entertainment shows including Brendan’s Love Cruise, Girlfrends, Who Dares Cooks, Humble Pie, The Secret World of Tinder, A Granny’s Guide to the Modern World, The Two Million Calorie Buffet, Stand By Your Man and DIY Dummies.  All of these appearances, while largely non-professional were all a great source of networking and certainly led to some great opportunities within my presenting and acting career.

I have also appeared on a handful of TV game shows, including Tipping Point, The Question Jury and Impossible.