My acting experience is predominantly commercial, which is something I take great delight in.  I genuinely enjoy the variety, fun and new faces I meet on these ever-changing commercial shoots.  I have worked on campaigns for all manner of products and services, with TV, online, web site and digital display experience.

I have ample experience as the ‘builder/tradesman’, having performed in this guise for companies such as Trust a Trader, Fix Radio, TradeWorx and Besty Paint Mate.  I also get regularly cast in the businessman role. My corporate-style films include work for Aldermore, Adzuna, The Venn Group, o2 Business, West Coast, Cisco, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors and Kimberly Clark.  Another common character you’ll see me in is the ‘dad role’, which I’ve performed in commercials for brands like Vodafone, WightLink, Soccerborg, FA Women’s Football, Ideal World and Thorpe Park Hotel.

I am an established corporate role player, having over 1.5 years full time experience for HM Prison service as an integral component in the recruitment process for Prison Officers. This was extremely script-heavy with varying lines required depending on candidate responses.  I also have lots of role play experience with the Metropolitan Police based at the London HQ for Police Investigator final exams.  In terms of medical role play I have taken part in OSCE final exams and have worked extensively for the Royal College of Surgeons in all manner of scenarios including dental exams with entirely foreign candidates.

I also have lots of dramatic experience and have had walk on roles in TV dramas such as Broadchurch and have acted in a number of award-winning shorts.  I have worked on several dramatic reconstructions over the years, for channels such as Discovery, The CI Channel and Channel 5.