My acting experience is both dramatic and commercial, spanning several genres and incorporating a range of character portrayals.  I have been involved in comedy acting, corporate acting, commercials, short films and educational films. 

In terms of corporate shoots, I have worked with high profile brands such as Kimberly Clark, Irwin Mitchell, Cisco, Stain Devils, Thorpe Park, BirdsEye and numerous other companies.  I have also acted in educational films for The British Council, mockumentaries including a recent one for Adoption 1st, training videos and my biggest commercial role of 2016 was the central character in an in-house shoot for Nuffield Health in which acting and cycling in time with drone cameras was a challenge that I relished.  

My dramatic works include 'Southern Charm', where I was challenged with the task of a Southern US accent, the award-winning 'Tricks of the Trade', where green screen played a big part and 'Paperboy' in which I played an emotionally downtrodden father.  In 'Derailed', acting met presenting in this multi-layer role.  I also performed the lead role in 'How I ate Your Mother',  which won a number of awards during Southampton Film Week.

I have been involved in dramatic reconstructions, for programmes on The Discovery Channel and The Crime and Investigation Network.  Playing the lead role of 1960ís murderer James Hanratty in Fred Dinenageís Murder Casebook included portrayals of burglary, murder, kidnap and even rape.  I have also acted in period roles such as Nazi doctor, Nazi waiter and the 1960ís Gangster Charlie Richardson.

I have experience in music videos, 'viral videos', improvised acting and the two show reels below offer just a small insight into my varied experience.  I have also been involved in Medical and Corporate Role Play and hope to further my experience in this field for 2017.