About Me

I was born in Essex and ever since my school days I always enjoyed entertaining and generally being ‘in the limelight’.  From performing Origami in a talent show at the age of six to attending secondary school in full Elvis Presley regalia for charity, I have always relished the fun of performing.

It was at the age of 30, after a long publishing career that I felt something was ‘missing’ and decided to pursue that childhood dream job.  This was more than just a ‘third life crisis’ and an avenue worth exploring as I’ve never looked back.  For the last seven years I’ve been in regular work as an actor, presenter, commercial model, hand model and voiceover artist.

My acting experience is predominantly commercial, and I take pride in these performances.  While many actors would turn their nose up at an advert I enjoy the variety, the hilarity and the numerous locations I’ve worked at up and down the country – as well as the friends I’ve met.  I have also acted in dramatic reconstructions, had walk-on roles in mainstream TV, acted for medical/corporate roleplay and have even won the odd award as part of short film competitions.

My modelling experience is mainly stills-based and I tend to get photographed in ‘everyday’ scenarios, which is again something I enjoy.  From ‘man drinking coffee’ to ‘man eating fish fingers’, it is a job I truly enjoy each day!  I am also an established hand model and live model and have worked on a number of daytime TV shows.

I am an established presenter, with experience in everything from corporate training films to infomercials and even entertainment formats.  I have been involved with numerous voice over jobs too, and have even appeared as myself on several occasions for reality TV.