About Me

I was born in Essex in 1981, and as far back as I can remember, I've always been one for stealing the limelight. From performing origami at my primary school talent show, to dressing up in full Elvis Presley regalia for a secondary school fundraiser, it seems that entertaining has always been an integral part of my character.

At the age of 19 I moved to Winchester, to study Media and Film at King Alfred's College, and lived in Hampshire for 14 years. After pursuing a career in magazine publishing upon graduation, whilst successful, I always felt that something had been left 'unfinished'. On quite literally a daily basis I'd get told by friends and family that I "should be on the telly" - advice that I'd always laughed off, and just overlooked.

It was at the age of 30, at what you might call a 'third life crisis' that I decided to try my hand at acting, presenting, voice over work and commercial modelling.  This was indeed an avenue worth exploring, and I found myself taking to it like a duck to water.  Before long I was awarded at a film festival and had enough credits to register with Spotlight.

Five years later, I consider myself to be rather a versatile, presenter, actor and 'personality'. I have featured in numerous prime time TV shows and have a large following on social media.  From TV dramas and music videos to reality TV appearances and live presenting, my CV is ever-expanding.  I have ample experience in short films, TV commercials and have even hosted radio and TV dating shows.  With presenter training at London's Pinewood Studios, my experience spans from co-hosting two lifestyle TV shows, to my own YouTube productions, all of which have helped to fine-tune my unique style.  As a versatile character, I also have experience in TV modelling, as well as print and product packaging work.  

"Funny without trying" is often the way that people describe my personality, and I enjoy bringing this to my work, if indeed the occasion suits. My one-of-a-kind style allows me to captivate an audience from the outset, and as an expert improviser, I enjoy fusing cockney charm with charismatic performances.